Міжнародні відносини Ради

1. 2008-General Meeting of the Project on “Eastern and European and Asian Organizations for Patients Rights and Safety” -
2. International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) 3rd Global Patients Congress 20-22 February 2008, Hilton Budapest, Hungary  - Patient-Centred Healthcare Aligning healthcare systems with patients’ needs around the world -
3. All-Ukrainian Council for Patients Rights and Safety and Human Rights Watch file this urgent appeal on behalf of Oleg Malinovsky -
5. World Alliance for Patient Safety
6. Establishment and development of palliative care in Ukraine – (стаття) -
7. EURO-ASIAN INITIATIVE FOR PATIENT SAFETY Regional Working Meeting of Northern and Eastern European Countries Warsaw, Poland. September 8 – 10, 2008 -
8. Regional Reports The program of the All-Ukrainian Council for Patient’s Rights and Safety -“Development of palliative care in the Ukraine ,” -